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Motorola Mobility LLC, marketed as simply Motorola, is an American consumer electronics and telecommunications company that is a subsidiary of Lenovo. The company primarily manufactures smartphones and other mobile devices running the Android operating system developed by Google.

The piece was below written by Roger Cheng for CNET talks about how Motorola Mobility stole and profited from unique source code related to mobile technology, a private technology firm alleged on a lawsuit filed back in November 2011. Lemko claimed Motorola hired away an engineer responsible for creating the source code and sent the intellectual property to its operations in China. The complaint is part of a broader legal battle between the two companies that has been raging on for years. A Motorola spokeswoman said the company hasn't received the complaint, and wouldn't provide comment until it reviewed it. The source code relates to a technology called position-determining entity, which relates to how a phone can locate its position through satellite signals. This, combined with cellular towers, powers services such as Google Maps and Foursquare. The suit claims that Motorola admitted that Lemko's source code was on its servers, but sought to cover it up by sending it to its China labs. It also claims the source code is in at least one Motorola handset, which was tested on the Sprint Nextel network. The lawsuit could threaten Google's $12.5 billion takeovers of Motorola Mobility. Lemko has vowed to throw obstacles in front of the deal. "Lemko is committed to protecting itself against the theft of its software," a company spokesman said in a statement. "Lemko will vigorously defend its intellectual property rights and will exercise its legal rights to prevent Motorola's illegal sale which would result in the fraudulent conveyance of our source code to Google." Motorola previously sued Lemko, accusing it of making off with trade secrets, the Chicago Tribune reported. The company alleged the same employee who was hired away secretly worked for Lemco and supplied it with valuable Motorola secrets. The Tribune also reported Lemco back then in 2011 sued Motorola Solutions, claiming the company has interfered with its business. At the beginning of this 2011, Motorola split into Motorola Mobility, which deals with handsets and set-top boxes, and Motorola Solutions, which deals with public safety networks and enterprise mobile devices.


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Former Employee - RF Engineer says

"- They will lay you off without giving you proper reasoning - VERY TOXIC work atmosphere - No learning and very bad mentors - Lack of communication - No work life balance: forget about weekends, and expect to work late nights - Management is not visionary"

Former Employee - Lead Engineer says

"Policies detrimental to company and Western World"

Former Employee - Mechanical Engineer says

"I worked for Motorola/Lenovo for about 5 years. I started in the office in another country where I am a citizen. I was given the opportunity by Lenovo to transfer to the US on an L1 VISA program sponsored by them. I accepted their relocation and sponsorship offered to move from my home country to the US where I wanted to work and live long term anyway. I sold most everything I had and shipped the rest to my new place in the US. Once in the US, Lenovo started the process of naturalization through the immigration process. Very thankful for this opportunity, but things took a turn for the worse. Six months into my new work life in the US, Lenovo had ANOTHER mass round of layoffs impacting myself but the rest of my team. Lenovo dropped the immigration process and sponsorship and now that I was only on an L1 VISA no other company could sponsor me and I had 2 months to return to my home country with no assistance from Lenovo. They turned their back on me and many of my other co-workers in the same situation giving us no options to stay in the US. With little money to my name I almost lost everything all the while Lenovo just says goodbye, sorry our business needs have changed. Lenovo's business needs and leadership change every six months trying to pivot to the next innovation, but they have lost a valuable resource, Employee Trust. Moral is low, the future is dim, and leaders leave-taking their golden parachute severance with them. You may think my situation is unique, but there were at least eight others going through the same hellish ordeal. I would avoid working with any company that treats its employees with this lack of respect and trust."

Former Employee - Distinguished Member of Technical Staff says

"Bad management, poor morale, constant cost cutting"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management commitment to the program"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Acquired by Lenovo Problem is that Lenovo has no clue about US marketing or sales Lenovo believes what works in China can work here, but it CANNOT Chinese business process and marketing techniques don't work in the US Focusing on the wrong things"

Former Employee - Business Analytics Manager says

"un talented and professional management and employees false reviews extreme hardwork create new ways to make employees work more not respectful"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Workforce reductions are commonplace. From 10,000+ employees down to around 500 or so left. Owned by a Lenovo, Chinese company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pace is unnecessarily urgent; company fails to invest in the right places; very little management expertise; brand is in decline"

Director of Quality Assurance says

"Company is transitioning, best to wait until it settles out"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Organization was merged with another corporation. Layoffs were huge. Only small group of employees remained and were eventually dismissed. Company is only "brand name" now.nonelay offs"

Engineering Manager (Current Employee) says

"Motorola is the hot bed of technical activity. The corporate vision is great. The people are positive and hard driven. The future is very bright for this company"

Senior Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"* Panic driven* Continual layoffs* Same mgt team despite continued product failures* Whole HR process is death by a thousand web sites"

Quality/Lead Compatibility Technical Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company allowed itself to be literally torn apart. Poor management and interference from external sources allowed a once giant company to become another example of what NOT to do. Constant FEAR of getting called in by HR and "let go" regardless of your performance."

Once proud employee now not so much (Former Employee) says

"This company is a shell of what Motorola was in its prime. There is no job stability as the company has continually laid people off since 2000. You spend everyday wondering when your time will be up. Not a healthy environment to work in knowing your going to get released eventually. They are now owned by Lenovo, a Chinese company that just built a $30 million dollar R&D/manufacturing facility in China. That doesn't bode well for the Motorola employees left working in the states.Good benefitsNo job stability, no future, Chinese owned"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Created, enhanced, and maintained Oracle database tables to support various software integration build and release for GSM, 3G, and Android platforms for 50 products globally. Utilized strong programming skills, RDBMS knowledge, hands-on in ClearCase, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, Perl, CGI, and HTML under UNIX environment and Windows. Responsible for providing reports by retrieving and analyzing the software release information from database requested by management and product teams. Main contributor to defining software regression test procedures. • Queried database using advanced SQL features including: Group and single row functions, multi-table queries using complex joins, and sub-queries for software release information. • Created database objects: indexes, views, sequences and synonyms. • Generated and analyzed the reports requested by management team and product teams using embedded SQL, stored procedures and functions. • Developed and maintained software image generation regression test tool, which automated regression tests for phone image file generation for more than 40 test cases with different image types, products, and platforms. This tool ensured the image file generation was bug free. • Developed and maintained image file query tool which interfaced with database to store the released software information. Provided the user an easy, fast, and accurate way to query image file from database for analyzing and data collection purposes. • Participated in system design and requirements gathering from various teams including configuration management team, engineering"

Test Technician/Operator (Current Employee) says

"Every quarter people are worried about losing their jobs. Every town hall meeting the management team says the same thing we are losing money, we have to reduce costs. Its very hard to concentrate on your job when your worried about losing it.Maybe when they move downtown things will get better, by then hopefully the layoffs would have stopped.get to see and feel new products before the marketjob security, no loyality, no recognition, no bonus rewards"

Director of SW Product Management (Current Employee) says

"Fast-paced industry with access to the latest technology. However, Motorola has been struggling with the Lenovo leadership that was brought in that is more concerned about competing against local Chinese competitors rather than global brands."

Senior Staff Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Google just got the Motorola mobility. And it will be changed a lot of position."

promotor de ventas (Current Employee) says

"Muy desgastante y descuidado el aspecto de herramientas, uniformes y atención en general al personalPresentación de leyNo hay buenas ganancias"

Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lots of good people left who refuse to move to california due to family but year over year layoffs due to heavy competition in the mobile phone space."

Executive Administrative Assistant- Law Department (Current Employee) says

"lots of changes - moving management all the time and no room for any advancement. Good benefits and flexible work life. Nice work environment and good people"

Engineering (Current Employee) says

"Currently unstable. Hopefully will turn the corner soon under the ownership of Google and an infusion of the Google way of life. The new leadership is solid at the very top. The strategy is solid but with a great deal of risk. Employees work hard but are very paranoid due to numerous layoffs. A pending move from Libertyville to Chicago weighs heavy on the vast majority of the people. Commute times will double to quadruple for many folks."

IT Staff (Former Employee) says

"Until Google bought Motorola Mobility, it was a great place to work. Once the buyout occurred, the culture changed dramatically and senior management started treating employees as a liability rather than an asset. Massive layoffs have decimated the company and ruined countless lives.flexibilityunstable and uncertain work environment and company future"

Advisory Hardware Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I worked for Motorola on the mobile device product team as a hardware engineer. The most enjoyable part of the job was working on and delivering a useful feature that eventually shipped to millions of users, whose lives were hopefully helped in some way by it. Also, meeting and getting to know many of my coworkers, especially in the late 90's when the culture was much better. Hardest part of the job is being under constant pressure in a very competitive industry to hit increasingly aggressive ship dates while still having high quality. I learned not to let the company tip the work-life balance too far in their favor, above all else. Allowing that can cause career burnout which hurts both sides. Being at a company where thousands of layoffs were happening each year was also stressful. The engineering work itself was rewarding at times. There were good managers who would fight for you and protect you, and not so good ones who let a lot of stress directly through to you. All in all it used to be a great place to work with a good engineering culture and friendly people, but these days the culture is severely lacking and for that reason alone I can't recommend it to anyone. The company has gone through tons of churn being chopped up, bought and sold.The pay and benefits are usually right at the industry average, which is pretty good.Culture nonexistent"

Platform Integration Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Motorola Mobility was a great place to work, but with the company has had problems being profitable and as such has continued to reduce it's work force.salaryjob security, work life balance"

Senior National B2B and Retail Channel Manager (Current Employee) says

"Motorola is a brand with a heritage built on quality and innovation. They have the best engineers in the world who are the heart and soul of the products they build and deliver to users. As part of Lenovo family, there is huge opportunity for a business turn-around. However its entirely dependent on the leadership across organizations to make that happen.Great work location, smart, hard working people, innovative productsPoor management, layoffs driving core talent away"

Business Ops (Former Employee) says

"Decision Making: Motorola Mobility is very fast-paced, but not because of the industry. It is because they rush to make a decision without fully analyzing the pros & cons - which in turn, causes the need to QUICKLY rework what should have been planned properly from the beginning. Environment: Has evolved to being very cut-throat. The people are so accustomed to layoffs that a 'fight' mentality is now pervasive through most departments. This is sad, because it used to be a genuinely caring work environment. Duplicity: On one hand the new company leaders wants people with either advanced degrees or degrees from top-tier schools. But on the other hand, in many cases when the existing management does not have those credentials, the person with degree is not valued and sometimes even envied by some managers. (not a good place to be)Pays very, very wellTough, cut-throat work environment"

Program Manager- Performance Smartphones (Current Employee) says

"Hopefully Google can clean up the mess past Management had created."

Director, Global Product Development (Current Employee) says

"The most salient review point to make is that after 2 years of ownership by Lenovo, they appear in the process of ramping down the Motorola Mobility business, based on layoffs that have claimed an estimated 2/3rds of all employees. Tremendously talented individuals work at Motorola Mobility; however, the business is not stable."

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